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If you’re like most people, you opted for knee replacement so you could get back to your life and the things you enjoy—without the pain. With the advanced technology of X10™, you can start the process as soon as you get home from the hospital after knee replacement surgery. Our Physical Therapists, specially trained and certified in using this technology, bring the X10 to your home and work with you to get you on the road to recovery. Studies—and personal stories—prove that X10 helps restore range of motion months ahead of traditional rehab.

Want to see how the X10 machine works? 



x10 therapy machine

what is 

the X-10?

The one-of-its-kind X10 computerized device moves your leg for you while monitoring the pressure in your knee. That means it helps you safely, gently and progressively move toward your goal every day. It continuously reads and reacts to your body so you won’t push too far during your therapy. With just three half-hour sessions a day, in the comfort and privacy of your home, you’ll find full range of motion within a few weeks rather than several months.

why do i need

After surgery, the body sends fluid to the area surrounding the knee joint to heal and repair nerves and tissue. When fluid stays in the joint too long, it can cause scar tissue, blocking motion and holding up your recovery. The whole point of moving the knee very soon after surgery is to pump out this fluid. You also need to strengthen the muscles that help you straighten and bend your knee. This process is essential to getting you back on your feet. With the X10, you can do that with minimal pain and a in a lot less time.

how does

it work?

At first, the X10 will move your leg for you. A special module helps you quickly transition to active motion, typically after just one week. Then, when you’re ready for it, the X10 has a series of modules that put you to work on rebuilding strength in your quadriceps and hamstrings. And because it’s in your home, you can work out when you want to with 24-hour access to therapy for the first two to four weeks after surgery. A built-in X10™ Recovery Coach helps you get the most benefit during the first few weeks after knee replacement.

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