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You can make a difference in preventing the spread of the flu in your community by getting vaccinated. And Michigan Community VNA is here to help. While it’s best to get a jump on the flu season—typically October through March in Michigan, you can get a flu shot during any point in the season.

Influenza, more commonly known as the flu, not only keeps you off your feet for days at a time, it can also put you in the hospital, or worse. It’s especially dangerous if you’re age 65 or older or have other health issues. When you have the flu, you’re not the only one who suffers. It’s highly contagious so whether or not you know it, you’re putting family, friends and co-workers at risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an annual flu vaccine (either in shot or nasal-spray form) is the best way to reduce your chances of coming down with the seasonal flu and passing it on.




From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, locally and nationally, we offer quality,
convenience and flexibility of immunizations at your workplace or community For more information,
contact our vaccine coordinator at 800.852.1232 or

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Alana's Foundation was founded in 2009 in memory of Alana Yaksich, who died at 5 years of age on February 3, 2003 of influenza.  MC VNA Wellness works along side Alana's Foundation to provide on-site flu vaccination clinics.

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