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Whether in the home, workplace, school or out and about, Michigan Community VNA (MC VNA) focuses on improving and supporting the health of Metro Detroit communities and those who call them home.

All of us at MC VNA are honored to carry on a tradition established in 1898—providing home health care that helps people heal at home and maintain independence; hospice services that ease the transition from life to beyond for patients and their family; programs that build a healthier workforce, provide immunizations and teach people to manage chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Compassion, commitment and integrity are not just words for us. They inspire our actions and attitudes. And drive us forward in making this special area of Michigan a stronger, better and healthier place to live, and thrive.


Community Commitment
Alana's Foundation

Michigan Community Wellness VNA  is proud to work 

with Alana’s Foundation to provide the flu vaccine

to children throughout the State of Michigan.

This is a non-profit established by Alana’s

family that is dedicated to educating people

about the severity of influenza and the importance

of vaccinating children against the flu every year. This

foundation also wants to see vaccination rates increase and

provides support for families that have lost a child due to influenza.



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