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Flu/Pneumonia Flu Shots
An annual flu shot is your best protection against the flu.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that flu shots
may be given throughout the entire flu season. In Michigan, flu season typically continues through March.

The vaccine produced this year will include protection for the predicted seasonal flu strains as well as H1N1. Information
about the new flu vaccine is available at

An appointment is required to receive flu vaccine at VNA's Oak Park
office from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. The office is
located at 25900 Greenfield, Suite 600 in Oak Park, Michigan.

Homebound Service
If you are homebound, the VNA Flu-Busters can come to you!
A service fee which is not covered by Medicare or Insurance
does apply. To schedule an appointment, call (248) 967-8752.

At Your Workplace
From small businesses* to Fortune 50 companies, locally and nationally, VNA offers quality, convenience and flexibility of immunizations at your workplace For more information, contact:
(248) 967-8355.

Flu Shots are $25 each.
Flu Mist is $30 each.
Pneumonia shots are $50.

VNA accepts Medicare, HAP, Priority Health, Blue Care Network, HealthPlus, cash or check payable to VNHSS.

Consent form needed:
All individuals must fill out a consent form prior to receiving the shot. Individuals under the age of 18 will need to have their consent form signed by a parent or guardian.

Consent forms will be available at all clinic locations. To expedite
the process, you may download this consent form. Please print and complete two copies and bring them with you to the clinic.

Flu Shot Consent FormFlu Shot VIS Statement

Please contact us with any questions.
VNA Manager of Community Programs (248) 967-8751
VNA Community Programs Assistant (248) 967-8755


Kids need flu shots, too!
On the afternoon of
February 3, 2003, 5 1/2 year-old Alana Yaksich spent the
day with her parents and brothers watching movies, eating sundaes and playing.

Although she had a lowgrade fever from a recent sore throat (for which she had
finished a course of antibiotics), Alana enjoyed the
afternoon feeling healthy and surrounded by her friends and family.

Later that evening, she developed a
106-degree fever and was rushed to the emergency room. Within hours of her arrival at the local hospital, Alana died of
flu-related complications
that caused swelling
and injury to
her brain. To learn more about Alana, visit

or download a brochure here: