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Internship Testimonial 2

Kim Lenhert
University of Michigan
I truly can’t say enough good things about my experience as an intern at VNA this summer. I have learned so many skills that I know will be of great value to me in my future. I’ve become a much more confident writer having produced my own press releases to be sent to the media, video scripts to be used in an informational video and articles to be published online. I’ve gained a better understanding of the role a Community Relations team plays within an organization and the important relationships it must foster with other departments to carry out that organization’s mission.

Constant communication is crucial, creating a sense of mutual dependence that allows members from all areas of a company to work together. This system was evident to me, even in my short time at VNA, which speaks to the management and efficiency of this organization.

As an intern in VNA’s Community Relations department, I was put in a very unique position within this organization. Working for Community Relations required constant exchange of ideas with members of different departments, allowing me to experience the many facets of VNA and the numerous ways it works to improve this community. From my time volunteering at Kamp Kids Matter, I witnessed VNA reaching out to a group that’s often overlooked during times of grief. To see children, who might otherwise live the rest of their lives with unresolved sadness, given the chance to express their feelings and attend to their grief in a safe, supportive environment was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.

During my shadowing experience with one of VNA’s nurses, Pam, I experienced VNA’s mission, as it has stood for over 110 years, come to life in the compassionate care that each of her patients received in the comfort of their own homes. Each day that I came to the office an unfamiliar intern, and was greeted warmly by members of all statuses and backgrounds within VNA, is a testament to the integrity and kindness of every employee of this organization.

I am lucky to have worked under Alex Hichel, who would amaze me on a daily basis with her ability to take care of every other department’s issues in addition to her own. Her strong work ethic and dedication to every project that is entrusted to her make her an exceptionally valuable asset to VNA. 

I can’t thank you all enough for this incredible experience and wish VNA the best of luck in continuing to serve the community in the future.